How to get to Levi?

Getting to Levi is easy.

To Levi it is better to fly via Helsinki (1h30min) or Stockholm (1h40min) to Kittilä a/p. and there is shuttle bus from the airport to Levi takes 15 min. You can also take a sleeper train from Helsinki to Kolari (80 km away from Levi) or to Rovaniemi (with this trains you can take your car as well).
Helsinki is a convenient hub for getting to Levi from anywhere in the world. During high season, direct flights to Levi can also be caught in Turku and Tampere in Finland and many cities in Europe.

1. Fly to Levi

Levi’s beauty can be seen in all its glory from the air. The gorgeous fells and the feeling of open space frame the start of your holiday while coming in to land at Kittilä/Levi. As the scenery grows stunning, you know you’ve arrived.
Levi is one of the easiest destinations for air travel. Kittilä airport is just 15 kilometres away from Levi centre. The airport bus, taxi, private minibuses or a limousine will drive you to the place you’re staying at. Or, make your arrival to Lapland even more special by snowmobiling directly from Kittilä Airport to Levi! Our guides will be waiting for you with snowmobiles at the airport. You will change into our thermal driving gear at the airport, and luggage will be delivered to your hotel in Levi by car. While snowmobiling you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Levi fell. We take a coffee break on the way.


During the winter season Finnair and other airlines such as Lufthansa, Eurowings and Air France fly directly to Levi from Europe.
Multiple airlines also fly to Rovaniemi (home of the Santa Clause village), which is about 170 kilometres from Levi. The airport bus operates from the airport to Rovaniemi bus station, with bus connections to Levi.


Finnair flies daily from Helsinki to Kittilä to Rovaniemi all year round. In the high season there are several flights each day.

How to get to Levi by train

Want to experience something different, or maybe add visit Santa Clause to your travel itinerary. Levi is also conveniently accessible by train. Overnight car-carrier train connections are found in Helsinki, Turku and Tampere and they will carry you and your vehicle to Rovaniemi (170 km from Levi) or Kolari (80 km from Levi) and you can proceed from there. In Kolari a bus connection to Levi serves each train arrival. There are also good bus connections from Rovaniemi to Levi.


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